"My business has been published in the Directory since it
was first published 12 years ago. Not only have my clients
increased but I am still receiving calls from previous issues."

Glen Knight, Natural Therapist

"Our Western Australian Natural Health Directory has certainly come of age.This high quality eye-catching publication draws many people to seek this fine Directory for a safe choice of healthcare requirements. As an advertiser I find the Directory to be a very healthy expanding source of publicity for my own healing practice and teaching Sanctuary. My clients and students of our Healing Sanctuary comment on it's fine quality of practitioners and products and we are receiving calls from more and more people seeking a copy of the publication."
Fran Wills, Principal, The Healing Sanctuary & College of Natural and Esoteric Studies

The Directory is an extremely useful and invaluable tool to quickly research and find a practitioner in any area. We regularly receive calls from clients and referrals from other practitioners who use the directory.
Neerja Ahuja, Principal Consultant, Ayurveda Awareness Centre

"I've been advertising my business in the Natural Health Directory for years and find it always one of the best resources for connecting and sharing therapists and natural therapy colleges throughout WA. I highly recommend it"
Lawrence Ellyard, CEO and Director of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

"Since it's inception this Directory has played an important
role over the years in helping people find us, both for
prospective students and for the general public using our
student clinic."
Dr Sam, Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

"The Directory has been an excellent source of contact for
my business. Not only has my client base expanded over the
years but a whole new exciting area of my work opened up in
the form of public speaking and facilitating at many
special events."
Sharon Williams, Natural Therapist/Healer

"The format of the Directory makes it so easy to choose the
practitioner nearest to me when I am looking for a little TLC -
I also like the safety factor of their accreditations being
Colleen McKenny, Teacher TAFE

"This Directory is great because it is so easy for me and my
clients to find other health practitioners relevant to our
Moira Jenzen, Bowen School of Western Australia