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Resonance Repatterning

Inspired and developed by Chloe Wordsworth, Resonance Repatterning(TM), formerly known as Holographic Repatterning, is one of those powerful healing systems that create extraordinary life changes. It is a new, fast and effective method for identifying and changing negative conscious and unconscious patterns which underlie all limitations and/or problems in any area of our lives. Based on the laws of new physics, that everything in life is energy and energy vibrates at a specific frequency, Resonance Repatterning works by identifying resonances in our mind-body energy system. When we resonate with unconscious negative beliefs, we create a reality based on limitation. Instead we need to resonate with words and beliefs that empower us and energise us, which helps us fulfil our full potential. Resonance Repatterning transforms these negative resonances into positive ones, thus creating the potential for healthier, more harmonious patterns to develop and hence providing a very powerful tool for personal development and healing. (Yvonne Brown)