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Regression Therapy

For many of us Westerners the concept of past lives is a difficult one to embrace, as it has not been part of our cultural and spiritual tradition. Yet, many of us are beginning to entertain the possibility that we have lived before. The exploration of past lives expands our understanding of ourselves, as we discover that our essence has existed and will continue to exist in many forms other than this physical body. We may discover special strengths within us and choose to change patterns of behaviour and attitudes that we have repeated over many lives. Sometimes we are greatly freed up in our every day functioning as remembering a past life trauma clears a previously 'inexplicable' block from our psyche. Regression Therapy also encompasses regression to a prior time in this life. The client's inner wisdom takes them to a time important to view for their healing and the lesson or teaching derived from that incident assists in the clearing of current blocks/issues.