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Rebirthing is intuitive breathwork done with a qualified, trained Rebirther, a professional who has studied the breath and its effects who is there to guide and assist with your breathing. The major benefit to Rebirthing is that your breath is always accessible to you. You can then use it to heal psychological conditions that are causing any negative emotional situations in your life. You can heal your body by breathing out toxins and stress, immeasurably increasing your physical comfort and pleasure. You will gain an increased awareness of yourself in present time by focusing on your breath because your present time awareness expands to include all of you.

At your first session, your Rebirther should ask about your birth, your early family relationships, and the goals you would like to achieve with Rebirthing. As your body becomes filled with more oxygen than it is accustomed to, energy, often referred to as prana, begins to fill and nourish your body. Tingling sensations in the hands and feet rapidly spread thoughout the whole body. Toxins, held since birth begin releasing from the muscles and cells with each exhale. As the cells of your body are cleansed and energized, negative emotional and mental toxins of suppressed experiences and traumas, locked in the body since birth and childhood, begin to be dissolved.

Within a few sessions, you will become more and more aware of thoughts, behaviours, and emotional patterns that may be holding you back from living life the way you would really like to. Often just breathing through and releasing the suppressed negative energy is enough to create a profound physiological, psychological or emotional shift. Most Rebirthees experience profound pleasure and bliss during their sessions.

Rebirthing is about Re-Creating your birth. Re-Creating your birth into a pleasurable experience is possibly the most important thing you will ever do for yourself. It has been said that it takes 21 days to break a habit and 9 months to instill a new one in its place. Rebirthing brings your first thoughts to the surface of your conscious mind so that you can take charge of your mind through the use of affirmations and other exercises to break negative thought habits and instill new and positive thoughts in their place. You create your experience of life by the thoughts that you hold in your mind.

Your very first thoughts in this life started at or just prior to your birth. Thought lies in hierarchies, so it is of paramount importance for a rich and fulfilling life that any negative thoughts you have from your birth experience, which obviously are at the top of that structure, are released and replaced by positive thoughts. Why? Because each thought you have after the first one, is made to substantiate the very first one. If you, as most people who were born do, have thoughts that life is hard, painful, cold, etc., Rebirthing just might save even more than your might even make your life a joy!