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Qi Gong/Chi-Kung

Qi Gong/Chi-Kung is an ancient Chinese health and healing system that believes in harmonising/balancing the body, mind and spirit by cultivating 'life/vital energy' or 'qi/chi' through breathing exercises, simple movement and meditation. It has a remarkably positive effect on health (mental and physical) and can help achieve optimum health, prevent disease, increase vitality, reduce pain, slow aging, gain mental clarity, a calm mind and tranquillity.. The regular practise of Qi Gong/Chi-Kung exercises allow us to increase and gain control over qi/chi, the live/vital energy coursing through invisible channels (acupuncture channels/meridians) in our body. It is the maintenance of the smooth flow and balanced distribution of qi/chi that guarantees optimum health and a sense of well-being. ALEX LIM