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Neural Therapy Electrobloc

This is a pain control treatment whereby pulses of electrical current are applied to the skin through surface electrodes. Pain is a stimulation of nerve receptors, by mechanical, chemical or thermal sources, and the impulse they discharge, travels as electrical activity to the spinal cord on to the brain. This electrical activity becomes the experience of pain when it reaches the brain. Since the particular frequency and waveforms of the ElectoBloc open membranes, the toxic substances can travel outside of their entrapment site and end up in the extracelluar space where they get transported away by the lymphatic and venous system. Neural therapy works well with all sorts of pain, hayfever, rhinitis, allergies and sinusitis, tinnitus and vertigo, jaw problems, CFS, gastritis and ulcers, esophageal reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, whiplash and migraines.