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This is the use of a muscle response to identify areas of stress or dysfunction in the body's energy field. It can be used to identify and balance both physical problems that are causing disfunction of tissues and organs and also mental and emotional stress that is blocking personal growth and affecting a person's ability to function effectively in the world. It is a 'whole person' approach to health, combining ancient oriental principles and recent Western developments, with emphasis on nutrition, exercise, posture and muscle balance. These techniques are helpful in correcting back and neck problems, allergies, dyslexia, co-ordination, learning difficulties, emotional stress, structural problems, sporting injuries and nutritional imbalances.

MARY CHOO KINESIOLOGY FOR DUMMIES Underneath the name of each practitioner's who is listed under the Modality of Kinesiology, you will see numbers in brackets. These numbers correspond with the numbers in the sections below, enabling you to see which types of kinesiology are being offered. Remember this is only a guide - most practitioners incorporate many different combinations so it is better to ring them direct and ask questions.

TYPES OF KINESIOLOGY (1) APPLIED KINESIOLOGY (AK) Developed by George Goodheart in the 1960's, AK is the originating form of kinesiolgy which Chiropractors often learn and use. It focuses substantially on the physical aspects of the body and nervous system.

(2) APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY (AP) A/P is a powerful system of stress management procedures developed by Richard Utt. One of the key features of A/P is the depth and accuracy of its muscle testing procedures and its monitoring techniques which allow direct evaluation of stress in various parts of the nervous system. Other aspects include a comprehensive system of 5 element theory of Chinese acupressure and a unique system called 'The Seven Chi Keys' for balancing the 7 chakras.

(3) EDUCATIONAL KINESIOLOGY (EDU-K) OR BRAIN GYM This is a movement based program which offers you a dynamic way of re-educating the mind/body system to use more of your optimum potential in your daily life. it is designed for anyone who wishes to be more relaxed, or create harmonious relationships at home and work and to apply more of their potential in study or sport.

(4) EDUCATING ALTERNATIVES (EA) E/A focuses on 'Solution Orientated Kinesiology'. It utilizes a unique working model called the "Universal Healing Model" created by Andrew Verity, which emphasizes the nature of suppression of our innate expression. This is based on the philosophy that a person is already perfect for what they are to achieve in their life. All that is needed is to find and correct what is stopping them from expressing that perfection. E/A accesses the genetic system, defuses stress on brain functions, clears major psychological defence patterns and clears suppressions to enhance our natural ability to heal.

(5) HYPERTON-X (HTX) Developed by Frank Mahoney, HTX is designed to identify and release the hypertonic (tight) state of muscles. Most sporting injuries can be prevented if the muscles are balanced. Key aspects involve sports performance, injuries, learning difficulties in reference to the release of muscles which influence the sacrum, occiput and cerebrospinal fluid.

(6) INTEGRATIVE (IK) Founded by Trevor Savage N.D. I/K is designed to break through the learning and communication blocks that prevent the achievement of goals in life.

(7) KINERGETICS Kinergetics is a creative and diverse system of Kinesiology using healing energy channelled through the healer's hands into an organ, chakra or gland, as its only correction. It accesses the emotional and metaphysical causes of disease and balances the body's energies to facilitate profound, lasting change.

(8) NEURAL ORGANISATION TECHNIQUE (N.O.T.) In 1979 Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. from New York, recognized the importance of survival systems of the body. Feeding, Flight/Fight, Reproduction, Immune System are primary to survival. Protocols were developed to correct these as well as head injuries, dyslexia, scoliosis, endocrine and circulation imbalances. S/K is a powerful holistic modality based on kinesiology and ancient Chinese theory plus new and advanced concepts. S/K balances all emotional, chemical, electrical systems and disease states caused by them. It removes negative fears, phobias, and stress and sets goals for self improvement. S/K quickly corrects learning difficulties and brain and personality dysfunction and integrates the brain during the procedure. A very high level of brain integration is achieved.

(10) TOUCH FOR HEALTH (TFH) TFH combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function. Using muscle monitoring, benefits are attained by balancing acupuncture meridian energy, identifying foods that raise the body's energy, reducing stress and pain, enhancing physical performance, improving vision, sensory input and brain function, and by improving posture, co-ordination and learning difficulties.

(11) THREE IN ONE CONCEPTS This is a system of kinesiology that focuses on dealing with stress and overwhelm (dis-stress) that impedes clear thinking and free choices. It focuses on identifying and gently changing, the causes of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us but still run our lives.

(12) TRANSFORMATIONAL Uses knowledge from the Ageless Wisdom to eliminate illusions and misperceptions to enable inner leadership and to live life as a conscious Soul in the world, thereby awakening the clear light of forgiveness

(13) LEAP The Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program is a specific kinesiology program used for learning enhancement. People with or without learning difficulties benefit from this program because it is all about optimal brain integration. LEAP is very effective with reading problems, spelling problems, maths (times tables), co-ordination problems, fears and phobias, stress due to pressure (eg. exams), and many other areas.