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Underneath each practitioner's name who includes 'Bodywork' in their modality/therapy listing, you will see lower case letters in brackets. These letters correspond with the lower case letters in the section below, enabling you to see which types of bodywork are being offered.


This incorporates working on the tsubo (finger pressure) points as in shiatsu, with other oriental techniques which work on the meridians to bring about a balance between yin and yang. This helps the flow of energy, encouraging the body to balance and normalise, and is useful for a wide range of health problems.


This massage is based on the principles of the Chinese acupuncture. It harmonises the body energies yin/yang. These energies, being the superior control system in the body, can often help in cases where clients have been told they have to live with their pain.


The Bowen Technique is a series of soft tissue movements designed to return the integrity of the muscles which re-align the body, thus enhancing general health. There are specific treatments for backs, whiplash, frozen shoulder, RSI, asthma, knees, elbows, ankles and many other health problems.


Deep tissue massage uses a number of different techniques designed to work the deeper muscles of the body. Deep tissue work is generally done slowly, and often used as a means of contacting and releasing emotional issues which may be stored in the body.


We use our facial muscles in various ways - we clench our teeth when stressed or tired, we use our eye muscles when in harsh lights or glare. The various techniques applied can assist in aiding the venous circulation, arterial circulation by removing congestion, lymphatic circulation is improved and absorption of waste products hastened, and aids relaxation of contracted and tense muscle fibres. When combined with head/scalp massage a deep sense of relaxation and stress release can be experienced.

(g) HUNA

Huna is an ancient Hawaiian form of body work and is performed with rhythmical arm and hand movements feeling like wave motions over the body. It is a nurturing, grounding and energetic experience, recharging energy and creating a balance between the conscious and subconscious.


The lymphatic system is the body's waste carrier as well as supplying required areas with immunity and repair. This system is very close to the surface layer of skin, therefore when the lymph pathways are blocked or damaged it is important that the therapist knows how to apply the correct manual lymph drainage technique.


Myofascial Release is the application of heat and gentle stretching of the fascia by a therapist's hands over a period of 1-6 minutes. Fascia is a three dimensional web of connective tissue. It gives us our shape, binds and divides us into organs and tissues. Trauma causes the fascia to thicken, harden and dry out. This creates pain and restriction of movement. The prolonged stretching and heat alters the viscosity of the connective tissue, thus allowing it to return to its original condition.


This involves various soft tissue and muscle manipulation to enhance and re-educate the body muscles to function correctly. Various techniques can be used which promote easing of pain due to tension and lack of blood flow to areas. Improves range of motion for limbs, release of pressure on the nerves from muscles being in spasm, increasing lymphatics or immune system and increased blood flow and the body's natural healing process.


The technique itself involves a 10 hour cycle of deep manual intervention in the elastic soft tissue structure (myofascial) of the body. The goal of this treatment is balance of the body in the gravity field; the principle of the treatment is, that if tissue is restrained, and balanced movement demanded at a nearby joint, tissue and joint will re-locate in a more appropriate equilibrium.


Shiatsu is a massage technique which involves stimulating or relaxing the acupuncture points and energy pathways (meridians). The word shiatsu means 'finger pressure' in Japanese. It is very useful for relieving muscular tension, stress, aches, pains, stiffness, digestive disorders and insomnia.


This should be performed by a highly qualified person who understands the physical demands of the sport. Correctly applied, sports massage will enable the athlete to get more from training by enhancing recovery and helping prevention of injuries.


Swedish massage is also referred to as relaxation massage. Swedish/relaxation massage uses light to moderate pressure, designed to relax the muscles, improve circulation and to soothe the nervous system.


Trager was developed by Milton Trager MD and is a deep, soft, pain free bodywork facilitating physical mobility, deep relaxation and greater self awareness. Using gentle rhythmic non intrusive movements, Tragerwork achieves excellent results in a wide range of conditions - aches, pains, depression, limited range of movement and poor posture, as well as more severe neuro-muscular conditions.


Trigger Point therapy treats and helps alleviate the painful tight 'spots' or points in the muscles, bringing relief of pain and restrictions of movement. . Every day simple tasks such as prolonged physical activity, gardening, or any activity extended beyond the client's normal range of exposure can bring on later pain without the client being aware at the time of the activity. Gentle pressure on the Trigger point assists in releasing the muscle/s involved.


With stress and stress related diseases taking it's toll on business productivity, the introduction of Corporate massage has assisted in reducing absenteeism. On-site massage provides a 15 minute acupressure treatment that concentrates on the employee's back, neck, arms and shoulders, reducing tension which leads to headaches, repetitive strain disorders and back pain. This treatment can be carried out at the work station and takes no longer than a short tea break.


Loving touch is as essential to the health of a baby as is nutrition and sleep. Through massage we communicate this affection which also reduces tension, relieves colic, strengthens the immune system, teaches the ability to relax and enhances parent-child bonding, producing happy, calmer, healthier babies.


During pregnancy, anxieties and fears, extra weight load and discomfort are all stress producing. General massage is a pleasant way to reduce stresses which lead to back pain and insomnia. It also benefits by reducing fatigue and swelling, promoting flexibility of muscles, ligaments and joints and sedating the nervous system, thus preparing for an easier more relaxed delivery.


This is Indian Head Massage, practised in the Indian sub-continent for over 1000 years, covering the shoulders, neck, scalp and face - all energy centres where tension accumulates - and are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged. Physical benefits include circulation stimulation, hair growth, scalp relaxation; relief from headaches and eyestrain, tinnitus, jaw ache and sinusitis. Mental benefits are less anxiety and a higher level of concentration with clear thinking and calmness.


This is a body technique based on the work of the late Tom Bowen, the originator of Bowen therapy. When our body loses mobility through trauma, injury or illness, the fascia (connective tissue) loses its fluidity and hence its ability to function properly. Fascial Kinetic moves restore the integrity of the fascia thereby restoring the mechanics of the body quickly, and will virtually address any problem within the body.


This is the massage of soft tissue, using a combination of the five basic massage strokes. Depending on application, it can be stimulating, relaxing or rehabilitating.


This focuses on muscles and the part they play in backaches, neck pain, posture problems and corrections and spinal disorders plus many other bodily conditions. Muscles develop specific lesions in the fibres that create a contraction of the whole muscle. These lesions can be treated successfully with Myopractic using a special cross fibres technique which involves no bone cracking and is non-invasive.


A soothing and relaxing form of massage that uses smooth, heated stones - often basalt which is a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. The heat of the stones helps to loosen and release tight muscles, and traditional swedish massage strokes are used whilst holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, it is replaced my another.

(z) ZEN SHIATSU - see description listed in the main 'Learn More' menu